Bridging The Gap Between Erectile Dysfunction And Privacy Concerns

Millennials and Gen Z’s Often Don’t See Their Providers Regularly.

Young men have always been shy about discussing their  sexual problems with physicians. Recent barriers, including social difficulties due to the pandemic, have only compounded the problem. While access to information through channels such as the internet have made it possible for even the most private guys to find answers, most millennials (25-40)  and Gen Z men (18-24) don’t have a regular relationship with a family doctor anymore. Unfortunately, many men in younger age groups will only visit a doctor when they think that something is seriously wrong. Further, even when they do see a healthcare provider, many are very reluctant to expose their sexual problems.

Many Healthcare Visits Are Too Rushed To Cover Sexual Health

Even for those patients that regularly see a provider, often times the sexual health may not be discussed.  This can be a product of the provider feeling uncomfortable discussing the topic, or the patient’s reluctance to bring up a sensitive issue. Providers are often rushed, knowing that they have an office full of patients who have already been waiting for too long. Justifiably, they may be more concerned about making sure the cardiac meds are properly dosed than the quality of a patient’s hardon.  Every physician has had the experience of a patient only bringing up the topic which is really of greatest concern to them on their way out the door at the end of the visit.

Vascular Insufficiency Is A Common Cause Of Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Vascular insufficiency, or lack of adequate blood flow, is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be one of the first signs of a significant underlying health condition, and may portend of coronary artery disease. That’s why it is important for men who have erectile dysfunction to undergo regular checkups with healthcare providers. That’s a good policy for everyone. It’s also true that  there are both social and practical barriers that keep both men and women from discussing their most intimate and personal sexual details with healthcare providers. We have made access to safe, home-based radial wave therapy available for men and women who need a solution to their sexual health needs without an appointment, or visit to the doctor.

Uroshock & HerWave Don’t Require A Doctor’s Appointment Or Prescription

Both Uroshock and HerWave offer safe solutions to promote sexual health using radial waves to facilitate vigorous blood flow. These treatments are especially inviting for folks who are private people who may wish to avoid embarrassing office visits and examinations. Unlike medications, that require a prescription, there are very few risks. We recommend that patients who have problems with bleeding or easy bruising, or who take medications that would predispose towards bleeding, such as blood thinners, seek alternative treatments.   The treatments are performed discretely at home, with carefully designed protocols which help to stimulate natural regenerative processes. The treatments only take 15 minutes, twice per week. They are gentle enough to allow users to engage in sexual intercourse the same evening. Low intensity shockwaves have been widely adopted in many different areas in medicine, ranging from cardiology to orthopedics.


We Recognize The Importance Of Treating Couples, Not Just Individuals.

It is well known that a firm erection is dependent upon adequate blood flow, and the ability to retain that blood in the corpora cavernosa. Similarly, without adequate blood flow to the vagina and clitoris, women will not have a satisfying sexual experience. For too long, physicians have looked at the partners of a sexual couple individually. The fact of the matter is that is a woman has female sexual dysfunction, that triples the risk of a man having ED. Of course, it works both ways. That’s why we offer a 50% discount for couples! If either partner buys one of our devices, the second product (Uroshock or HerWave) is half off. At Uroshock/HerWave, all of our products come with an unconditional, 60 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not thrilled with the results of our products, we’ll even pay for the shipment of any returns.