What Is A Radial Wave?

A radial wave is a form of an acoustic wave. These are also called ballistic waves, because a projectile is propelled and then generates a wave upon impact on a surface. This transmits a force to any surface that is in contact with the barrier that was struck. The power of the wave is not a consequence of any sound that is created. It is a mechanical force. That is why the power of an acoustic wave is not measured in decibels, it’s measured in pounds per square inch. (Alternatively, it can be measured in bars, Pascals, or mJ/mm2.) Obviously, a powerful radial wave does not need to be loud to be effective! The loud sound can be dampened with high grade materials.

How Do Radial Waves Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

There are likely multiple benefits from radial waves. Part of the benefit seems to be the direct force of the wave helping to break up plaque, which results in improved blood flow to the penis. By far the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is vascular insufficiency, or endothelial dysplasia. The same processes that can result in coronary artery disease often manifest themselves in the small blood vessels that supply the penis.

Cavitation is a process in which there is a secondary release of energy, which may help to stimulate regenerative changes including the production of new blood vessels and nerves (angiogenesis and nerve regeneration.) There is still some controversy as to whether this occurs with radial wave therapy, or only linear shockwave therapy.

There still have not been any well conducted prospective head-to-head studies, and this controversy seems likely to not be settled anytime soon. Some reports in the literature favor radial waves because the wave is more widely dissipated than a focal shockwave.