What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s a common phenomenon that affects many men. Erectile dysfunction is never a welcomed condition for any intimate couple. With so many emotional moments lost to this momentum killer, what is there to do? Uroshock in Henderson, Nevada is here to talk about erectile dysfunction and what you can do to treat it. Check out our scientific data aggregation page today!


As men age, certain functions in their bodies begin to slow down in function. This includes lower blood flow to the penis that negates having erections, which has a devastating effect on any couple’s feelings of intimacy and physical affection.

Important Signs

Being intimate with your significant other should never be a struggle. However, suppose you start to notice any signs of inconsistent erections or struggles to keep it up during times of physical intimacy. In that case, we’re here to offer a solution. We might be able to halt what otherwise would be a
continuous decline in performance.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

When it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment options, there are multiple methods to get you back on top of your game. 

The most popular urologist created natural treatment methods include:

  • Uroshock: The acoustic waves produced by the Uroshock Pro PX3 results in the direct transfer of energy where
    its applied. Radial waves have demonstrated the ability to generate cellular changes.
  • PV-13 Medicine: The combination of Hydrolyzed Collagen and L-Arginine found in professional-grade vitality and testosterone medicine will promote healthy blood flow and connective tissue in your body.

Nerve regeneration is the utmost priority that these treatment methods are made for. If you have any questions about the best ed treatment options, give us a call today!

The Best ED Treatment Plans

*The best E.D. treatment plans are comprehensive. The Uroshock Pro PX3 is the best-in-class portable wave device for erectile dysfunction, and PV13 is designed to support blood flow and vitality. Men who exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and get adequate sleep will maximize the gains provided by Uroshock. The Uroshock team will be here for you when you need us. If you ever have any questions about any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

Learn More About Shockwave ED Treatment

We know that erectile dysfunction is a personal matter. We created our products to help minimize embarrassing doctor visits. If you ever have any questions about how our products work, we’ll be there for you with our outstanding customer support team.