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Uroshock Introduces The Revolutionary HerWave To Enhance Female Sexual Pleasure.

Leading provider of innovative sexual health products, Uroshock, announces the launch of HerWave, the first-of-its-kind acoustic wave device for enhancing female sexual health

Michelle Darquea Kaplan and the team at Uroshock continue to set the pace in sexual health with the introduction of the groundbreaking HerWave. The device is designed to help enhance the sexual health of women without necessarily consulting a doctor, ultimately keeping their privacy while ensuring they get the desired experience.

Female sexual disorder has become a condition causing more concern than erectile dysfunction,  with recent stats revealing that more than 40% of all women suffer from some form of FSD. Unfortunately, it remains woefully under-represented in the zeitgeist even as sexual health remains pivotal to overall wellness, with most physicians failing to explore women’s sexuality at the time of routine examinations. However, Uroshock seems to be coming to the rescue of millions of women worldwide with the launch of HerWave.

Designed by a urologist and inspired by extensive clinical and laboratory studies regarding the use of radial waves in diverse areas of medicine, HerWave uses the concept of regenerative medicine, which is based on natural healing of damaged tissues. The device utilizes acoustic waves, which have become popular in treating erectile dysfunction and most recently for helping women increase lubrication, encourage arousal, and enjoy more satisfying orgasms.

Like all Uroshock products, HerWave is fully guaranteed. It comes with a full money back guarantee for 60 days for women that do not see appreciable improvements within 4 weeks.

For further information about HerWave and other innovative solutions from Uroshock, visit – https://uroshock.com. Uroshock also has a growing online community across social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

About Uroshock

Uroshock was founded by Michelle Darquea Kaplan to provide natural solutions to sexual health issues. The company offers urologist-designed products that deliver natural treatment for conditions, helping patients heal in the comfort of their homes and away from the embarrassment that comes with seeing a doctor. Thanks to the likes of Michael Kaplan MD, the medical director, Uroshock ensures that patients do not go for expensive treatment options or solutions that come with adverse effects.