The penis enlargement trade is notable for featuring the most cringeworthy advertisements in the industry. You just have to wonder who their target market is. Does anybody really think that a pill that they buy at an adult bookstore in the Valley is going to give them a bigger dick? You’d be better off taking your chances with the sushi at this place, which, by the way, also sells boner pills.

There’s even pills endorsed by porn stars with giant wieners so you know they work! These magical pills not only make your junk bigger, they increase the volume of your jizz, make you stronger, and quite possibly smarter. Still not convinced? They’re “clinically proven”, and have “validated studies” by actual scientists. You want to see data? Rather than claim that they work 100% of the time, some pill promoters claim a much more credible success rate of only 98%.

The Science Behind Traction Therapy

Applying steady, consistent, gentle traction is a principle that has been successfully utilized in medicine for decades and is grounded in cellular replication. That means that the number of cells actually increases. There is a panoply of penis extenders (traction devices) that are readily available online. The data suggests that use of penis extenders can provide up to two inches of gain. These devices have had relatively good safety profiles, although they are not completely risk free. Penis extenders have obtained diffuse legitimacy in urology. They are part of the armamentarium surgeons use prior to placement of a penile prosthesis to try to avoid shortening of the penis; a common complaint following implantation.

There are advocates of manual stretching and jelqing which involves milking the blood in the phallus towards the head (glans penis.) The risks of these techniques is small, but obviously there is a risk of scar formation or injury when these methods are not performed carefully and with restraint.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Fraught With Danger

Surgery is the last resort, since it is fraught with potentially disastrous consequences. There is a small risk that patients may actually have a reduction in penile size after surgery due to subsequent scarring. The other issue is that in order to lengthen the penis surgeons must cut the suspensory ligament, which serves an important purpose; providing support so that the schlong doesn’t flop around during intercourse.

The (Sadly) Shrinking Penis

Sadly, as men age their penis can actually shrink, or at least appear to shrink. When men age, they tend to put on weight in their middle (central obesity.) Besides being a catalyst for the metabolic syndrome (which includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels) putting on the weight can make your putz shrink! It’s been said that losing 20 pounds can help you gain an inch back.

Disuse Atrophy- Use It Or Lose It

Another potential enemy of the penis is a terrifying entity known as disuse atrophy. When you get an erection, your penis is filled with oxygen-rich blood, that dilates the blood vessels, and helps stretch the whole penis. Even if you’re not sexually active you may benefit from nocturnal erections during REM sleep. Unfortunately, men with organic (physical) erectile dysfunction may not be getting those nocturnal erections. Their penis can become less elastic over time, and actually shrink. That’s why men should do everything they can to maintain their ability to have a great natural erection.

A User’s Guide To Maintaining Sexual Health

1) Watch what you eat! Maintain a healthy weight. If you find yourself putting on a few pounds increase your activity, and reduce your caloric intake.

2) If you smoke cigarettes, quit! The sooner the better.

3) The easiest way to avoid disuse atrophy is to stay in the ballgame-one of the best ways for a guy to avoid the development of erectile dysfunction is to remain sexually active.

4) If you find that the quality of your erections is fading, consider the potential benefits of acoustic wave therapy. Evidence suggests that low intensity extracorporeal shock wave treatment can naturally increase the amount of blood flow to the penis and stimulate regenerative processes at the same time.