Thinking About LiESWT? Some Wave Machines Are All Hat And No Cattle!

Radial waves are also known as ballistic waves. They are generated by a projectile that impacts against a fixed surface. This is the principle behind most radial wave machines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This fixed surface, which is part of a device, absorbs the energy and transmits this to the penis. In the case of Uroshock, the probe is coupled to the skin with a water soluble lubricant (Uroslide.) When the internal projectile impacts against the contact surface of the device, a radial wave is generated. While radial waves are not capable of generating the same maximum pressure as focal shock waves, such as those used to break up kidney stones, not all radial waves are the same. It is still important to reach a certain threshold in order to create meaningful benefits.

How Much Energy Is Needed To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

This question has not been answered to date. The literature is confusing, as different investigators use different metrics to describe the methods employed in their particular studies. There are few head-to-head studies, but some consistent patterns have emerged. Most of the results that have appeared in peer reviewed literature have cited energy levels of at least 1 bar (14.531 pounds per square inch or .045 mJ/mm2 or 100,000 Pascals.) The most common energy level cited was 2 bars. It is possible that lower levels of energy may be sufficient, but there doesn’t seem to be much literature to support that position at this time.

Are Louder Wave Machines More Powerful Than Quieter Devices?

Restoring blood flow to the penis is dependent upon the transfer of energy, which is measured by energy flux density. The direct force of the wave may help to break up plaque, which is the source of vascular insufficiency. There may also be a transfer of energy to the cells, resulting in the release of growth factors. This may induce regenerative changes including the creation of new blood vessels and nerve regeneration. Energy is measured in pounds per square inch, not decibels! A loud machine may be like a cowboy who is all hat and no cattle!

How Can I Tell How Much Energy A Wave Machine Produces?

Unfortunately, most manufacturers of home ED devices refuse to inform potential customers of the technical specifications of their products. At Uroshock we have engineered our acoustic wave machine to deliver between 1 and 2 bars of power. We didn’t stop there. Our advanced features produce powerful radial waves with significantly less sound than other units with far less capacity. Our creative team packed all of these advanced features into a compact, ergonomic, state-of-the art design that will inspire confidence. From the moment you receive your package, you’ll know that we paid attention to every detail ensuring years of satisfaction.

Does SWT (Shockwave Therapy) Work For Everybody With ED?

Everybody will not respond the same. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is vascular insufficiency, or inadequate flow of blood into the penis. Since the guiding principal of LiESWT is increasing blood flow, if the sole problem was venous leak, or inability to retain blood in the corpora cavernosa, then Uroshock would likely not be helpful. On the other hand, if a patient had a combination of both venous leak and vascular insufficiency, then Uroshock may prove to be quite helpful.

Gentlemen who have had prior pelvic surgery, such as a radical prostatectomy, or cystectomy are unlikely to benefit. Also, men who have had long-standing, complete erectile dysfunction are less likely to benefit. Patients who are in the early stages of ED, and those who have responded to medications such as Viagra, but would prefer to stop pills are the best candidates. Some patients who take pde5-inhibitors but are not completely satisfied with the quality of their erections may find that they wish to continue taking meds, to get the best possible erection.

Are There Any Side Effects From Wave Treatments?

Out of an abundance of caution we recommend that Uroshock not be used by patients who are on blood thinners, or who have known bleeding disorders. There are reports in the literature of patients undergoing treatment while on blood thinners, but we would advise that any such patients consult with their physicians, and be treated under the direct supervision of a physician.

The side effects that have been reported in the literature include minor bruising, swelling or temporary paresthesia (numbness, tingling, pins and needles sensation.) These have been temporary, resolving spontaneously.