How It Works

UROSHOCK is a compact device that delivers incredibly powerful radial pressure waves, and doesn't require a doctor.

What is Uroshock?

Do you ever worry that you won't be ready when your partner is?  Wouldn't it be great to never have to give your manly performance a second thought?  And have complete and total confidence that your lover will have a great time because you'll be able to satisfy their every need. The Uroshock acoustic wave generator is a safe, powerful, registered device designed by a urologist.  Wave therapy in a doctor's office can be embarrassing,  cost thousands of dollars, and often require re-treatment down the road.

The Uroshock is a technologically advanced, user-friendly, medical-grade device that produces powerful radial waves. Primitive and far less sophisticated units designed for in-home use cost $800-1500, but we want you to get great results, avoid embarrassing, invasive office treatments and save money.  Incredibly, for a fraction of the cost of similar treatments in a doctor's office,



How is a Uroshock treatment session performed?

Uroshock can be performed sitting, standing, or laying down.

We recommend that a water-soluble lubricant be applied to the penis prior to use. This will help to facilitate the Uroshock tip gently gliding over the surface of the penis, and acts as coupling agent to facilitate transmission of the shock wave.

The device should be fully charged prior to use. With our premium battery that is included in each unit, each charge will last for multiple applications.

The shock wave tip is gently and sequentially stroked over the top 2/3 of the penis. The bottom of the penis is not to be treated, since this could injure the urethra. Similarly, the head of the penis is not treated.

Following treatment there are no particular restrictions, other than to not engage in sexual activity the day of the treatment.

How Does Uroshock Work?

Uroshock works by providing acoustic waves that generate cellular changes. These waves not only help to break up plaque, but they also produce mechanical energy that the cells convert to biochemical signals. This in turn results in release of growth factors and attract stem cells. This process takes time, and so the best results occur when patients are on a schedule. There are a variety of different schedules in the literature, and our protocols are based upon the most recent published data.

3000 shocks per session (20 minutes of application time)

2X per week for 6 weeks

Wait 4 weeks to determine if additional treatments are needed

When men have difficulty achieving adequate erections they may stop trying to engage in sexual activity. This can have devastating consequences for a man’s ego, and self-confidence. It’s often a source of stress for any relationship.



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