Uroshock on  Mens Health Experts

Watch and listen to the informative interview down below. 

Dr. Michael Kaplan is the owner of Las Vegas ED Doctors. He had an informative interview with Caleb about men's health and his experience in this field.

How Does Uroshock Work?

Uroshock works by providing acoustic waves that generate cellular changes. These waves not only help to break up plaque, but they also produce mechanical energy that the cells convert to biochemical signals. This in turn results in release of growth factors and attract stem cells. This process takes time, and so the best results occur when patients are on a schedule. There are a variety of different schedules in the literature, and our protocols are based upon the most recent published data.

3000 shocks per session (20 minutes of application time)

2X per week for 6 weeks

Wait 4 weeks to determine if additional treatments are needed

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