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The Uroshock Pro offers state of the art acoustic wave delivery in a beautiful unit which is discrete, powerful, and nearly silent. This product features the premium titanium tip to provide enhanced power and every Uroshock Pro includes the complimentary rapid charging package, a complimentary replacement tip, the elite metallic housing, and a durable and beautiful container.




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Radial Wave Energy

Vasodilation > NOS Production > Anti-Inflammatory > Angiogenesis > Recruitment & Activation of Stem Cells > Nerve Regeneration

Powerful, Quiet, And Easy To Use

Uroshock can be performed sitting, standing, or laying down. Unlike other acoustic wave machines Uroshock is nearly silent.

We recommend that a water-soluble lubricant be applied to the penis prior to use. This will help to facilitate the Uroshock tip gently gliding over the surface of the penis, and acts as coupling agent to facilitate transmission of the radial wave.

The device should be fully charged prior to use. With our premium battery that is included in each unit, each charge will last for multiple applications.

The radial wave tip is gently and sequentially stroked over the top 2/3 of the penis. The bottom of the penis is not to be treated, since this could injure the urethra. Similarly, the head of the penis is not treated.

Following treatment there are no particular restrictions, other than to not engage in sexual activity the day of the treatment.

3000 shocks per session (20 minutes of application time)

2X per week for 6 weeks

Wait 4 weeks to determine if additional treatments are needed

When men have difficulty achieving adequate erections they may stop trying to engage in sexual activity. This can have devastating consequences for a man’s ego, and self-confidence. It’s often a source of stress for any relationship.

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