Shock Wave Therapy For ED at Home

If you’re starting to struggle with erectile dysfunction, you may be considering your options. Perhaps you’ve already tried some natural remedies, or prescription pills, and didn’t like the side effects. Options like wave therapy in doctors’ offices can cost thousands of dollars and require multiple appointments.
At Uroshock, our experts have created an erectile dysfunction treatment that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for erectile dysfunction treatment options, read on to learn more about Uroshock and how easy it is to use!


Stop worrying about your ability to perform when your partner is ready. With Uroshock, you’ll be ready when the time comes. Uroshock’s powerful acoustic waves will help your body repair itself naturally. With Uroshock, there’s no dangerous side effects or ongoing costs. Let your body heal itself naturally.

How It Works

This device was designed by our expert team of urologists to help men get their life back without having to spend thousands of dollars and helps to keep the process discrete. This compact unit with quantified power naturally stimulates your body through low-intensity shockwave therapy. This treatment helps to create more blood flow and angiogenesis, producing results you can count on when you need it.

Unlike other shockwave therapy treatments, this one can be done in the comfort of your home. Its compact design allows for optimal portability so that you can be ready on the go!

Benefits of Uroshock

Not only does Uroshock create results you can count on, you only need to use it when you need it! You don’t have to worry about filling prescriptions or having to potentially opt for surgical treatments. Instead, Uroshock gives you the control to take your life back and enjoy the moments you may have been missing out on.

Why You Should Choose Uroshock

Erectile dysfunction does not need to be the end of your sex life, when Uroshock will give you your control back. Take control of your erectile dysfunction and shock your stimulation with Uroshock.

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