Why Is Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy So Effective?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men worldwide. If left untreated, ED can lead to a decrease in quality of life, depression, and relationship issues. Fortunately, there are various treatments available, some of which are proven to be very effective. One such treatment is Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LiESW). This type of treatment is used by Uroshock, a company that specializes in male performance enhancement. In this blog post, we will discuss why LiSWT is an effective treatment for ED, the benefits it offers, and why Uroshock is an effective at-home treatment you need to gain back your manhood! Visit us online to shop today.

What is Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy?

Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for ED. It is a form of acoustic wave therapy that delivers radial waves to the penis to break up plaque, improve blood flow and stimulate the release of natural growth factors. 

Our treatment options use a safe, powerful, registered device designed by a urologist and can be used in the comfort of your own home. While these types of treatments are offered at physical locations, most men tend to feel more comfortable improving their ED with at-home methods that help avoid embarrassing interactions.

The Uroshock

Uroshock offers a technologically advanced, user-friendly, medical-grade device that produces powerful radial waves. Primitive and far less sophisticated units designed for in-home use cost $800-1500, but Uroshock wants you to get great results, avoid embarrassing, invasive office treatments and save money.

Uroshock utilizes acoustic waves to create cellular modifications. These waves not just help to disintegrate plaque, but also produce mechanical energy that the cells transform into biochemical signals. This subsequently leads to the launch of growth factors and draws in stem cells. To achieve the best possible outcomes, patients should stick to a regular schedule. The protocols we use are based on the newest published data in the literature.

How Does Uroshock Work?

Multiple clinical studies in men have revealed that LiESWL (low-intensity extracorporeal shock waves) can improve erections, particularly in those with milder forms of erectile dysfunction. Up to 40% of patients who take erection pills are either dissatisfied or find the side effects unbearable, and shock wave therapy can help these individuals come off the drugs.

Animal studies have enabled us to understand the actual mechanism of action: when the shock waves bend cells, growth factors are released, resulting in new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), nerve regeneration, and activation/recruitment of progenitor cells or stem cells, as well as a reduction in inflammation. 

However, shock waves do not work for everyone; those on the most extreme end of the spectrum, and those who have had radical pelvic surgery, are unlikely to benefit. Men who are only interested in penile enlargement should search for alternative options.

The Benefits

  • Non-invasive, safe, and effective 
  • Quick, painless treatment with no downtime 
  • Effective results with few treatments 
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for erection pills 
  • Treats mild to moderate forms of ED 
  • Get back your confidence and enjoy your sex life again

Simple Treatments with Effective Results

Uroshock can be done while sitting, standing, or lying down. To make the Uroshock tip glide over the surface of the penis more easily, we suggest applying a water-soluble lubricant beforehand. This will also act as a coupling agent to help the shock wave travel. Before using the device, make sure that it is fully charged. Thanks to the premium battery included with each unit, each charge should last for multiple uses. Lastly, the shock wave tip should be slowly and carefully stroked over the top two-thirds of the penis. 

Our simple at-home treatments will make it easy for you to enjoy longer and harder erections with a simple application process. Simply use the Uroshock twice per week, 20 minutes per session, and for six weeks to start seeing results! You will enjoy the results of our male performance enhancement products in no time! 

Gain Back Your Confidence

Our treatments for erectile dysfunction are designed to help you regain your confidence in the bedroom and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Our ED treatments are tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle,  as our at-home options give you the freedom to choose when to undergo the treatment. 

At UROSHOCK, our goal is to help men improve their mental and physical health by providing them with the solutions they need to treat their ED. We understand the struggles associated with this disorder, and we strive to be the help you need to improve your confidence and life overall! 

If you’re looking for an effective erectile dysfunction treatment option, Uroshock’s Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy may be the solution for you. With Uroshock, you can get back the manly performance you’ve been missing and gain back your confidence.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your male performance enhancement with our ED treatments!