Ketogenesis Supports Stem Cells

Ketogenesis is the production of ketone bodies, usually from fatty acids or ketogenic amino acids. Stem cells and progenitor cells are the master cells that repair, restore, replace, and regenerate cells. While we don’t know everything there is to know about stem cells, we do know that they have a critical role in the body’s ability to repair itself naturally. This is commonly referred to as regenerative medicine. One of the ways that low intensity shock waves help to cure erectile dysfunction is by the recruitment of stem cells. A healthy diet can help to improve sexual health in two ways. First, eating right can help you avoid the development of vascular insufficiency which is usually from the buildup of atherosclerotic plaques to block the blood vessels. One of the first signs of the development of vascular occlusion and cardiac disease is the development of erectile dysfunction. Secondly, eating well, and in particular promoting ketogenesis is likely to help support stem cells, making the repair process and restoration of erections easier.

The Keto Diet Has Caught On For A Reason

The biggest driver by far for widespread keto adoration is the profound weight loss that enthusiasts are able to achieve. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By lowering central obesity there is a reduced risk of hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Some cancers are fueled by high glucose levels, so there is a potential reduction in some tumors. Not only do advocates lose weight, but they also gain lean muscle. Keto diet is not necessarily the best diet for body builders. A1c is a marker for diabetes and pre-diabetes. Levels tend to drop with keto. Finally some keto followers note increased energy and mental acuity.

The Positive Contributions Of Keto Can’t Help But Support Erectile Function

Lifestyle changes along with weight loss and healthy blood flow are known to improve erections. In addition to the vast array of health benefits cited an added bonus for many patients that follow the keto lifestyle is improved vasculature which means more blood supporting better erections.

Improving Erections With Low Intensity Shock Waves Depends In Part Upon Stem Cells

Ketogenesis is believed to be supportive of stem cells. Ketogenesis is a derivative of both a proper diet, as well as exercise. Low intensity shock waves work best as part of a total commitment to a healthy lifestyle which includes diet, exercise and adequate sleep. Many men unquestionably receive great benefit from pde5 inhibitors which have stood the test of time and been used on millions of men. For decades guys have resigned themselves to having to take pills for the rest of their lives once they hit the ED wall, even though eventually these pills always stop working. Fortunately there is now compelling data to suggest that lifestyle changes matter and many patients are able to get off ED pills with the benefits of low intensity shock waves.

At Uroshock we’re not satisfied with just getting you better erections. We want you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes as well. Not only does it make our job easier, but it makes us feel good to know that you’re getting healthier. Here are some free keto options.