Erections: A Neurovascular Event

In order to understand the mechanism by which shock waves can improve erections it’s important to understand how erections happen. By all accounts, an erection is a neurovascular phenomenon. That means it is created by an alchemy of nerves and blood vessels. Furthermore it is modulated or effected by hormones and psychological factors. Blood vessels have a role, both in supplying the fluid which helps to increase the pressure within the corpora, and also in shutting off, to trap the fluid inside the cavernous chambers. Lack of adequate blood flow into the penis is the far more prevalent factor, which is known as vascular insufficiency. However, failure to trap the blood is also possible, and is known as venous leak. The frequency of venous leak is much smaller than arterial insufficiency, although the exact figure is debatable. Most interventions are directed at correcting the more common anomaly, vascular insufficiency.

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How Shockwaves Work In Medicine

Medical radial pressure waves, or acoustic waves have an effect when certain levels are obtained. In order to have an effect on human tissues, the waves have to be concentrated into a local focal point rather than dissipated over a large area. Scholarly research papers, including those in our aggregation of scientific data measure the energy delivered as energy flux density.

Illustration: The revolutionary Uroshock (patent pending) radial pressure wave unit.

The energy from the pressure wave works at a cellular level resulting in reversible deformation of the cell membrane. This leads to cellular regeneration, and healing.

The shock wave also produces cavitation bubbles, which produce a second wave of energy. The cavitation bubbles collapse, and create a microjet. The cavitation bubbles tear open blood vessels on a microscopic level, which results in further healing processes.

Overall Potential Benefits of Radial Pressure Waves

1) Increased microcirculation

2) Release of nitric oxide- which of course has a key role in erections!

3) Decreased inflammation

4) Release of growth hormone

5) Angiogenesis- new blood vessel creation

6) Recruitment of stem cells and pluripotent progenitor cells

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unique and critical in regeneration. They self-renew, and can differentiate into different specialized cells, allowing the body to repair itself. Every day we are learning more about stem cells and how they allow the body to rebuild and restore itself, without dangerous drugs or surgery.

The role of stem cells

Implications and Applications

Doctors have used the power of radial shock waves in their offices for many years to improve the lives of thousands of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Studies have indicated that radial pressure waves can help promote new growth of blood vessels and nerves, the building blocks of erectile function. This same technology will soon become more readily available for use in a discrete, compact unit designed for in-home use by

Uroshock: the wave of the future.