The Connection Between Fitness And Urological Problems

If you’ve done any research into erectile dysfunction help, you know that exercise is one of the best natural remedies for ED. The benefits of physical fitness on urological health cannot be overstated. Erectile dysfunction treatment often starts with fitness changes, and in this blog post explores why.

Physical Fitness can Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Many studies have been done on the link between physical fitness and erectile dysfunction. People who exercise regularly are between 20 and 30% less likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has also been linked to obesity. One of the first Ed treatment options your doctor will recommend are lifestyle changes focused on becoming more physically fit. If you want to prevent ED or are looking for natural remedies for ED, exercise and fitness are good places to start.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

If you are struggling with erectile issues, you will often be encouraged to do certain exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor. These kegel exercises are very helpful in ED treatment and are a very good place to start. They can help strengthen the muscles needed to maintain an erection and can lessen the effects of ED.


Though pelvic floor exercises like Kegels are important, research has also shown that total body aerobic exercises have a positive impact on erectile dysfunction treatment as well. ED is often caused by blood flow issues and cardio can help with blood flow throughout the body. Regular cardio is an effective ED treatment option.


Though the focus in erectile dysfunction treatment is often on exercise, it is also important to maintain a well balanced diet. The urological organs are part of the body’s filtration system, which require water to function properly. Making sure you get plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables will help the whole system function better.

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