The Science Behind The New Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Learn How Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED Can Help You Regain Your Mojo!

Are you tired of taking expensive pills to keep up in the bedroom? If you’re like most Americans, you know that erectile dysfunction treatment can be costly and come with some pretty scary side effects. If you’re unable to perform as you used to, and you’re worried about using the other treatments currently on the market, Uroshock’s acoustic wave therapy for ED might be for you!


Waves Bend Cells And Release Growth Factors

Shockwave therapy is different from medication and surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction. Uroshock applies linear shockwaves to the tissue of the penis, creating a type of injury called microtrauma.  The acoustic waves that are emitted into the penis bend cells, which releases growth factors.


Blood Vessels Are Formed

New blood vessels are created within the penis during a process called angiogenesis. These may enhance blood flow and allow men afflicted by ED to strengthen their ability to get an erection without expensive medication or scary surgical procedures.


Nerves Are Regenerated

The acoustic waves emitted from Uroshock can also play a considerable role in nerve regeneration. By promoting quickened debris elimination, reduced scarring in regenerating nerves, and increasing Schwann cell proliferation, acoustic waves can help treat erectile dysfunction.


Stem Cells Are Activated

Stem cells are unique and critical in regeneration. The energy from the pressure wave works at a cellular level, resulting in reversible cell membrane deformation. This leads to cellular regeneration and healing within the penis. Stem cells are known to self-renew and can differentiate into different specialized cells, allowing the penis to repair itself.

When it comes to performance, nothing is more important than feeling confident! With Uroshock, you can forget about having to remember to take pills and avoid and nasty surgical treatments and focus on what matters, regaining your erection! For more information about Uroshock, contact us today!Seeking erectile dysfunction no longer has to be embarrassing! Forget the trips to the doctors for expensive shockwave treatments.  Quit looking into surgical treatments that cause anxiety and require an extensive recovery period and contact Uroshock today to learn more about our natural remedies for ED.

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