The Uroshock Bonus Pack

Our bundle is packed with value, guaranteed, and we cut the price in half! Get started with the best home wave device for less than $55 per month!

What's included?

Uroshock Bonus Pack Offer

Upgraded Titanium Tip
valued at $19.95

Uroshock Pro PX3
valued at $999.95

USB Charging Block
valued at $29.95

Uroslide Coupling Gel
valued at $12.95

USB Charging Cord
valued at $9.95

Upgraded Gold Storage Case valued at $12.95

Travel Bag
valued at $16.95

The Uroshock Extended Warranty
valued at $100.00

PV13 Premium Male Supplement valued at $39.95

Uroshock Discount Card
valued at $25.00

Less than $320.00

Full details on what's included

Uroshock Pro PX3 valued at $999.95
The Uroshock Pro PX3 is a clinical-grade device that produces powerful radial shockwaves for home
treatment of male sexual decline. Shockwave therapy in many medical offices costs $500 or more per
session. Most treatment protocols require 6 to 12 treatments or more! The Uroshock Pro PX3 makes
shockwave therapy available for men in the privacy of their own homes at a fraction of the cost.

The PX3 is ergonomically designed, compact, and much lighter than other home-use products. You'll
appreciate these important features since treatment protocols require dynamic motion for 15-minute
sessions, twice per week. You don't want to be performing these treatments with an awkward, heavy
device attached to a plug in the wall.
The PX3 has a user-friendly design that allows men to customize their treatments. To activate the
device, simply engage the starter button at the bottom of the unit. To increase the frequency of the
pulse, simply press the starter button again. When all 4 lights at the bottom of the device are on, you're
at maximum power.

At Uroshock, we stand behind our products. That’s why we guarantee all of our products for 60 days. If
you’re not thrilled with your purchase, we’ll give you your money back!


USB Charging Block valued at $29.95
A charging block that delivers power with efficiency! This charging block was specifically designed to
charge the Uroshock Pro PX3 rapidly. The charger is compact in size and built with intelligent circuit
design features.


USB Charging Cord valued at $9.95
The shell is made of high-quality, heat-resistant material designed to facilitate safe and rapid recharging
of the Uroshock Pro PX3.


Uroslide Coupling Gel valued at $12.95
The coupling gel is essential to promote the transmission of the acoustic wave to the target organ. Uroslide
will help to facilitate effortless passage of the Uroshock device over the skin, and at the same time, help
to promote the coupling. This eases the transfer of energy from the device to the target organ.


Upgraded Titanium Tip valued at $19.95
Titanium is strong, light and resistant to corrosion. It is the ideal tip for the transmission of the energy of
the acoustic wave. The tip is the only part of the device that comes in direct contact with the target
organ, and needs to be cleaned between applications from the residual lubricant. The Titanium tip is a more powerful alternative to the standard metal tip that comes with every Uroshock Pro.


Upgraded Gold Storage Case valued at $12.95
The elevated gold storage case was beautifully sculpted by a coveted design team specially for
Uroshock. It is both pleasing in appearance, and elegantly discrete.


Travel Bag valued at $16.95
Sometimes you’ll want to continue treatments when you’re traveling. Our travel bag is designed to
allow you to travel seamlessly, with your acoustic wave device protected, and hidden.


The Uroshock Extended Warranty valued at $100.00
Uroshock was built by a team of engineers, designers, and a urologist. The high-grade components
were built to last. That’s why we offer an extended warranty. If anything goes wrong with your device
for 1 year, we’ll either fix it, or send you a new one.


PV13 Premium Male Supplement valued at $39.95
Peak vascular support with 13 data-driven components was created by a urologist to support patients
undergoing low-intensity shockwave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Regenerative processes require the body to renew and repair itself. Low-intensity shockwaves help to
promote this process which also requires a healthy, receptive host. Proper nutrition, sleep, and
hormones help to support the regenerative processes that are the foundation of shockwave therapy.

Low-intensity shockwave therapy is the treatment of choice for men with vascular insufficiency, the
most common cause of erectile dysfunction. PV13 was designed to support the regenerative processes
produced by shockwave therapy, and it's also the best supplement for men dedicated to improving their
overall fitness, energy, and stamina.

PV13 is proudly made in the USA, by a certified GMP partner. We use only the most select, carefully
procured ingredients to give our customers the best experience.


Uroshock Discount Card valued at $25.00
The Uroshock Discount Card entitles the owner to 20% of all Uroshock products, including refills of
PV13 and Uroslide for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

How Does Uroshock Work?

Uroshock works by providing acoustic waves that generate cellular changes. These waves not only help to break up plaque, but they also produce mechanical energy that the cells convert to biochemical signals. This in turn results in release of growth factors and attract stem cells. This process takes time, and so the best results occur when patients are on a schedule. There are a variety of different schedules in the literature, and our protocols are based upon the most recent published data.

3000 shocks per session (20 minutes of application time)

2X per week for 6 weeks

Wait 4 weeks to determine if additional treatments are needed


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