Uroshock is a medical device that generates acoustic waves for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It
is not intended to be used for any other purpose. Instructions which are found both on printed material
included with the device and information published on the Uroshock website should be carefully
followed to avoid injury.

* Only use the Uroshock device after consulting with a physician who feels that it is safe for you to use.
Patients who have bleeding abnormalities or who take blood thinners should not use this device.
* The Uroshock is only to be used on the top 2/3 of the penis. It should not be used on the glans (the
head of the penis.) The Uroshock should not be used on the undersurface of the penis to avoid injuring
the urethra.

* As stated in the printed material that comes with every Uroshock, the device should initially be used in
very brief sessions (6 minutes.) Gradually, the length of the sessions can increase to a maximum time of
15 minutes, twice per week. Similarly, start off with the lower frequency settings, and gradually increase
to higher frequency as tolerated.

* Apply Uroslide, or a similar water-based lubricant to the skin of the penis before using Uroshock. This
allows the Uroshock to gently glide over the penis, and reduces friction. The Uroslide also couples the
tip to the penis which facilitates transmission of the acoustic wave.

*Never place the tip on any other body part other than the top of the penis.

*Never place the Uroshock in any body cavity.

* Don’t use Uroshock in the shower, bathtub, or near running or standing water. Water will damage the
device, and may cause an electric shock hazard.